January 27, 2021


From time to time we have clinicians come into our facility to offer additional assistance.  These clinicians work through the office for scheduling and ring use.  Please feel free to ask when our next clinician is coming.

Frequent Clinicians, Bios and Pricing:

Pam Haviland:

Pam comes just about every other week to assist our top riders gain more from each horse and further development of the partnership between horse and rider.  Pam works on the A circuit guiding several clients to national championships.  We value the work that she does and approve of her teaching style.  If you are interested in riding with Pam, please contact the office at info@stonehousestables.com sor at 757-566-0666.  We schedule all her appointments at Stonehouse Stables.  Her rate is $85 payable to her plus a ring fee of $25 per horse, per time,  payable to Stonehouse Stables.