October 24, 2021


Boarder Barn

Stonehouse Stables offers quality care for your special horse. Standard board includes pasture turnout in one of our four large pastures, completely fenced with Fencecrafter four-board oak fencing and Rohn quick-latch gates. All horses are individually walked to and from pasture and are brought in for all grain feedings. This gives our well-trained staff an opportunity to see your horse twice daily. We feed high quality Southern States grain and our hay is personally selected and monitored by owner/manager/trainer Tara Mathews Best.  All animals are required to be on our worming program as outlined by Tidewater Equine Veterinary Practices.  As of January 1, 2010 we  also began offering a diversified worming program where animals are tested for fecal counts and then administered the correct paste worming depending on the veterinary recommendation.  This is closely monitored, and included in your board fees.


Boarding Charges:

  • Monthly Board  $750
  • Monthly Stall Rest Board (Only open to current boarders): $900
  • Training Board: $1000
  • Daily Board: (Only open to current incoming/exiting  boarders) $37
  • Optional  Semi Paddock Turnout (per month)  $75
  • Optional Private Paddock Turnout (per month) $150