November 13, 2018

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Certified Community Partner

In cooperation with Colonial Coast Girl Scouts of America, Stonehouse Stables offers the following programming for Girl Scouts:

Horse Fun Badge – Approximately 3 hours

  • $20 per Girl Scout
  • Equine Careers
  • Tour of the barns
  • Clothing
  • Hands on grooming

Horse Rider Badge – Approximatley 4 hours

  • $30 per rider in the ring
  • Safety rules
  • Horse Anatomy
  • Different types of tack
  • Hands on grooming and tacking
  • Ride for 15 minutes in the ring

Horse Sense Patch

  • $15 per Girl Scout
  • Safety rules
  • Interview a stable employee
  • We can guide you to the sources you need

Bring lunch, spend the day and earn your badges in one day!

Contact Stephanie McCallister her email is  She is our  School Program Manager, for more information or call her at 757-566-0666.