September 28, 2021

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Certified Community Partner

In cooperation with Colonial Coast Girl Scouts of America, Stonehouse Stables offers the following programming for Girl Scouts:

Horse Fun Badge – Approximately 3 hours

  • $40 per Girl Scout
  • Equine Careers
  • Tour of the barns
  • Clothing
  • Hands on grooming

Horse Rider Badge – Approximately 4 hours

  • $60 per rider in the ring
  • Safety rules
  • Horse Anatomy
  • Different types of tack
  • Hands on grooming and tacking
  • Ride for 15 minutes in the ring

Horse Sense Patch

  • $30 per Girl Scout
  • Safety rules
  • Interview a stable employee
  • We can guide you to the sources you need

Bring lunch, spend the day and earn your badges in one day!

Contactour office at   or call 757-566-0666.