September 28, 2021

IEA Signup Due by August 1st!

This is one last reminder to sign up for the Stonehouse IEA Team. The contracts are due by August 1st so if you aren’t sure about whether you want to sign up, please talk to your instructor ASAP. Stop by the office to get the paper work started to register for the team!

The Stonehouse Stables Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Equitation Team will offer Varsity and Junior Varsity slots to Stonehouse Stables riders who are currently enrolled in 9-12 grade and Futures slots to those riders that are currently enrolled in grades 6-8.

The key difference between the Stonehouse Stables IEA Team and the Stonehouse Stables Show Team is that team participants are not assigned to a particular horse to ride in their lessons and shows throughout the entire IEA season.  IEA Members that compete in IEA Rated shows will ride a mount provided by the barn that is hosting the show.  Therefore, each show exhibitor will not know what horse they are riding until the Coaches’ meeting that will take place 30 minutes before the start time of each IEA Rated Show.  To simulate this in practices, each member will be assigned to their mount at random.  If you lease or own your own horse, you will not be riding it in practices or in IEA rated shows.

Ask a Stonehouse Stables IEA Coach how your participation in the Stonehouse Stables IEA team can contribute to lettering in horseback riding as a middle and high school sport.

If you are interested in participating in the 2017-18 Stonehouse Stables IEA Equitation Team, please call 757-566-0666 or ask your trainer today!