September 28, 2021

School Horses

Our school horses are carefully selected and trained to meet the needs of our students from very beginner to competing over fences at 2’6”. Some are very specialized while others can do a wide variety of levels of work. All are carefully monitored so that they do not get overworked and do get proper nutrition and the veterinary, farrier and loving attention that they need.


StephanieCHIP, I used to be a race horse, but was pulled from the track in 2009. I am very curious about things going on around me, and sometimes need to be reminded to pay attention. I love walking the trails and teaching beginner riders in the grass ring and be a show horse. My color is dapple grey.   As I get older my color has gotten lighter and I am nearly all white.


Elvis2ELVIS, You may wonder about my name but I assure you it suits me well since I truly Rock n Roll around the ring – the show ring that is! I like going to shows both at home and away, and have competed successfully at “AA” rated shows as a Large Children’s Pony Hunter, winning Champion two years in a row at Culpeper. You will need to be a little more experienced to ride me in a lesson, so if you are a beginner, you will know you are moving up if you get to ride me in a lesson. I have a very bouncy trot but a very smooth, flowing canter and jump.


Summer&HeartyjumpHEARTY, I started off my career as a western trail pony. When I moved to Stonehouse in 2011, I began to learn about the hunter ring. I am owned by Abigail Best, and because she is now too tall to ride me, she lets me be a lesson pony so I can teach other riders in the short stirrup ring, like I did for her. When riding me, please be soft with your hands because I don’t like to be pulled on a lot. Using your weight and voice to communicate to me works much better!


INDY, I used to do the help train for the 3’6″ equitation in my younger days. Now I am the designed IEA open horse, as I still rock the show ring! I love doing trail rides and going to shows. I am good at teaching people how to ride to the base of the jumps! My hopes are to bring my kids to a higher level in their riding careers.



Wishes Come TrueLUCK, I have always been a kickin’ kids pony! I have competed in the local Virginia Circuit’s my entire ponyhood and haven’t slowed down yet! I  will carry any rider around the ring, but you will  definitely be my favorite if you give me treats afterwards! I am a leg ride, so don’t be afriad to be tough to get me going!



MistyMISTY, I started life as a western reining horse. Reining is a western discipline designed to show the athletic ability of a ranch type horse. I then moved into the hunter ring and I love my job. I am particularly great with beginner riders because of my nice smooth slow trot. My slow trot comes from my early training as a western horse and it is called a jog. However, if you use your leg and crop I will move forward like a hunter princess and I love to jump.


MOBY, Have you ever watched show jumping? Well, it is no secret that I used to be very good at it!  I used to jump very high jumps and fast too – but now that I am a bit older I stay to2’6″ and under, and have learned to slow down to a hunter pace. I am a very experience horse and love to got to shows! I may be older, but I am young at heart. 



JACK, I originally came from Europe, but I decided I was not quite fast enough tp do the jumpers. Luckily, I found a slower job (literally) at Stonehouse! Now, I do anything from trails to walk-trot, to jumping 2’6″! I am known as “fish lips”, because I stretch my lips like a fish to grab treats! My favorite summer-time snack is watermelon, so if you have any spare- don’t be afraid to share.


Spot2SPOT, Did you know that Pintos are the most handsome horses in the world? Well, at least that is what I think! I am very versatile and work with riders of all ages, from walk/trot only to jumping 2’6” fences. When I’m not in the ring working, I enjoy going on trails and can even lead the group. I came to live at Stonehouse Stables when I was just three and was trained by Tara to be the good boy you know today. If you ride me, be sure to use MY saddle, which is made to fit me.



CODA, I have been navigating the show ring for years. I love to jump around and show off my fancy feet! I have won many year end championships with upcoming riders in the 2′ and 2’6″ divisions. I am an easy ride, and am a great teacher. I like to keep clean and be brushed extra! I have a shiny coat and love to show it off! 


TOMMY,  I may be a throughbred, but I don’t belong in the races! I am a slow, hunter paced horse who loves to jump around the ring. I am known for my sweet personality and my willingness to jump any jump! If you want to be my best friend- just bring me some carrots. I often jump 2′, so if you are riding me you are moving up! 




LOUIE, I am super easy going, and have an extremely comfortable canter. I love doing crossrails and walking through the trails at stonehouse. I am very sweet and always have a kind expression. I have very long legs, so I appear to be taller than I acutally am!


BLISS, You may notice me becuase of my multi-colored coat. This coloring is known as a paint.I am one of the few mares in the school program! I am a pretty girl, and like to be told so. I love attention, and for my riders to spend extra time with me in the stall. I enjoy when my riders let go of my face, and use thier voice to control my speed.  I can be easy going as long as you ride me how I like to be ridden.