January 23, 2021

In Loving Memory


RAZZ, has not crossed the rainbow bridge yet!!  BUT he is enjoying his retirement with his original owners, who raised him as a youngster. We are happy for him to return to his original home in Maryland.





Al and MeMY PAL AL, was an awesome horse and one of the most patient.  He treated each rider, especially children, as if they were his own.  Active to the end, he was the ultimate in what every instructor wants to see in a school horse.

Tara and Burp TogetherBURP, Le Bronze Fleur, February 23, 1980- May 30, 2013.  Burp was Tara’s first pony.  He was a challenge but rewarding ride.  He help Tara become the horse person she is today.  He will be forever loved and forever missed.




CarmenCARMEN Our dearly beloved Carmen, joined her friends in heaven in April of 2012 and awaits our crossing of the rainbow bridge.  She finds her green pastures, and free tail to flick to get the flies herself.   Her show name was Carmel Apple because she was said to be sweet but sticky.   She taught so many of us the tricks of the trade with her whole heart.



Surfie1SURFIE was one of our beloved school ponies for many years.  He passed away and crossed over the rainbow bridge September 2011.  He will be missed for years to come.