November 28, 2021

Introductory Packages

This package is offered for ages seven years old through adult for beginning riders. It can also be for returning riders who need refreshing with tacking, horse care, and returning to the saddle.  The special price for this package is  $275 for four 90 minute lessons and a special hour and half horse care session.


Helping a beginner tack a school horse.

Each lesson is comprised of a half hour private lesson on the horse and an hour spent learning how to care for the horse before and after the ride. The special introductory lesson package includes the use of a horse, suitable tack, and your own personal copy of The Happy Horseman (for children) or an adult oriented equitation book.  We also provide the use of a riding helmet if you do not own one. Please wear long pants, boots or shoes with heels and plan to arrive ten minutes early to get ready for your riding experience!

Each introductory package is geared to the individual needs and level of the rider.   We have the expertise to meet the needs of all riders, young and old, beginner or experienced.

By the end of your beginner (or youth) package, most riders wish to continue with either private or group lessons.  Your instructor will give you recommendations about what is most appropriate and help you find a lesson program that best meets your needs.  We do require that riders be able to steer, and to independently walk and trot to join a group lesson.   A youth package and youth lessons for ages 5 to 7 are also available.