November 28, 2021

Monthly Lesson Program

Lessons are sold by the month and are available as hour group or half hour private lessons.  New riders typically enter lessons following completion of one of our Introductory Packages or via an evaluation lesson.  Call the office at 757-566-0666 for more information and for scheduling your lessons.

Beginner Lessons:

  • Introductory Package (4 hour half private lessons)
  • Beginner 45 min Group with instructor assisted help (hour and a half) .  Lessons will have a Max of 3 riders per group:  $275 per month.

Intermediate Lessons on School Horses:

  • Weekly Half Hour Private $275 per month
  • Weekly 45 Min Semi Private $215 per month
  • Weekly Hour Group: $190 per month
  • One Time Evaluation Lesson (90 minutes): $75                                                                                                                                                                          (Note:  If a beginner package is recommended, your evaluation lesson may be credited toward the cost of a beginner package and used as  your first of four lessons.)

Own Horse Lessons for Boarders:

  • Weekly Half Hour Private $225 per month
  • Weekly 45 min. Semi Private $175
  • Weekly Hour Group $150 per month

For our younger riders (ages 5 to 7) please see our Youth Program or Youth Package pages.