October 24, 2021

Youth Lessons


Once a young rider (ages 5-7) has completed the introductory youth package, options are available to fit the specific learning style of each student.  As they progress through the Stonehouse Lesson Program, all students will continue to learn balance, steering and rhythm on horseback. Some children grasp these concepts more easily in shorter lessons with more one on one supervision from their instructor.

Weekly one hour Youth Private Lessons are designed with 20 minutes of the rider and parent helping the instructor groom and tack up, 20 minutes of riding and 20 minutes of after care and tack cleaning. Once riders are comfortable with grooming and tacking in the stall without the instructor, the rider may move on to the regular lesson program and either join a group or take a longer private lesson.

Talk with your instructor about the next step in lessons most appropriate for your child.

Weekly, Youth Hour Private on a school horse– $205 per month