September 28, 2021


Simon and new family How to purchase a horse with Stonehouse Stables, a company    “Where Horses Meet Families”

This page is designed to help make your horse shopping experience a pleasant one.  We strongly recommend you receive our assistance while horse shopping, so we can aid you in finding the horse that best suits you or your child’s current riding level and future needs.  Let us help you connect with that special horse today!   Stop in the office to discuss your needs and sign a shopping agreement.

Horse Shopping

Our objective is to help you find the horse of your dreams that is safe, dependable, and able to do what you have in mind, including showing if that is your desire.

What you need to know:

What level of ability do you require in a horse?
What are your goals of horse ownership, both short and long term?
How much money are you willing to invest in a horse to suit your goals?
What involvement do you want in the purchase?
What specific traits are important to you in a horse?

When Shopping:

Always ask a trainer to attend.  We know you or your child and feel that if we ride the animal we can help you assess if, in our opinion, it is safe for you or your child to ride.
Bring your riding attire and saddle (if you own one).Allie & Ollie

Fees Associated with all sale horses:

  • 10% Commission on original sale budget of horse plus all expenses associated with any horse brought to Stonehouse Stables on trial (Min. $1000 commission).
  • $15 per horse for Internet Assessment (including email discussions and phone calls all for one price) per instructor unless it becomes the horse you wish to purchase then the fee is waved.
  •   $35 per training ride at home
  •   $1.25 per mile of travel including travel to see a particular horse or transport for horses
  •   $32 per day of board including paddock use
  •   Any fees for shoeing, etc.
  •   Any lesson fees or make up lessons will apply
  •   Any fees for vet, etc.
  •   Any Deposit or insurance required on said horse
  •   Virginia State Sales Tax:  All horse sales require state sales tax.  State sales tax is 5%.  The law requires us to collect the tax at the time of sale and report it to the state.

Stacey & JoeyWhat if the horse already lives at Stonehouse Stables?

The 10% commission will apply to the sale price of the horse.  Any new expenses  (e.g. boarding, training rides, shoeing, vetting, etc.) will begin when the first ride occurs and you say you are interested in purchasing the horse.