September 28, 2021

2018 Show Team

Aly Haynes Traver has been riding since she was very young and this is her fourth year on the show team. This year she is leasing Skyfall, AKA Skyler, and will be showing him at the CHSA shows as well as many “A”-rated shows. Aly also owns Mount Olympus, or “Beamer,” who recently retired from the show ring and is now king of the trails at Stonehouse! This year Skyler and Aly are showing in various divisions including Adult Amateur Hunter, Adult Amateur Equitation, and Equitation on the Flat.  She also plans on competing in the Adult Medal classes at the “A” rated shows. Some awards that she is most proud of from this past year are receiving 5th place in the state (VHSA) for adult equitation on the flat, and winning champion for CHSA adult equitation on the flat for the second year in a row. Beamer retired mid-way through the 2017 show season and with only competing in 8 shows, was still able to finish in 6th place for CHSA’s Adult Hunter Pleasure. Her proudest accomplishment with Beamer was last May, Aly took Beamer to his first rated show and he received champion in the local junior/amateur division. She is also already doing very well with her new mount, Skyler. At Stonehouse’s last winter Series Show in March the pair clean swept the Working Hunter Division and won the Classic with scores of 81 and 76. Her goal for this season is to have fun learning from Skyler and hopefully qualify to compete at Adult Medal Finals in August. Aly’s favorite thing about riding is looking back and thinking about how much she has learned; but also, how much more she still has to learn from each ride. Aly wants everyone to know how much she loves being a member of the Stonehouse Stables family. She also hopes everyone on the Show Team does well this year!


Stacey Schneider and Joey (Milestone) are teaming up again for their fourth show season together at Stonehouse.  The duo is going to try and make it look easy in Adult Hunter Pleasure at CHSA shows and they will take on some 2 foot courses at a few “A” rated shows this year.  They had a great time at VHSA Finals last year and hope to make it back to Lexington this fall.  Wherever they go and whatever they do, you can count on these buddies to be having fun together!




Bella, an 11 yo, sixth grader at Hornsby Middle School, is excited to enter her second season showing on the CHSA circuit in the Children’s Pony Hunter/Equitation divisions.  This season is extra special as it will be her first competing on her new mount, In My Pocket (aka “Digby”), leased from Abigail Best of Stonehouse Stables.  Bella’s goals this season are refining equitation on Digby at 2’6”, competing at a VHSA “A” rated show, and helping her new teammates during their first CHSA season.  When not riding, Bella enjoys music (singing/guitar), reading, crafting, baking and playing with her three cats, three ferrets, dog and turtle.  Bella is also a huge fan of all things Harry Potter and singer/songwriter, Colbie Caillat.






Allie has been riding for about a year and a half and will be showing Indigo Moon, (“Indy,”) this year. She will be competing in Children’s/Adult Amateur Hunters at 2′ and Children’s/Adult Equitation at 2′. This is Allie’s second year on the show team and her goal this season is to learn and grow as a rider and by the end of the season win a reserve champion or a champion. In the past she has won champion of Beginner Equitation for the 2017-2018 Winter Series. Her favorite thing about riding is seeing how different every horse is in and out of the ring, learning about their different personalities, and creating memories with different horses and people. Allie is very excited to learn more about Indy in the 2018 show season.




Allie Marcotte has been riding for 8 years and has been a show team member for 3 years. She is the owner of The Happy Camper, also known as Ollie. Ollie and Allie will be competing in the children’s hunter and the children equitation this year. In the past, Ollie and Allie have won Associate Pleasure Horse Champion for VHSA in 2016, been champion in the 2’6 special hunter at VHSA Finals, and won the CHSA Childrens/Adult classic in 2016. Allie’s goal this season is to have fun for her last year with Ollie before he moves on to compete with her mother, Diane, full time.



Rebecca has been riding for one and a half years, and she has been at Stonehouse Stables since August. This is Rebecca’s first year as a member of the Stonehouse Stables Show Team. This year, Rebecca hopes to start showing two foot on her favorite horse Smart Cookie, also known as Chip. Rebecca’s greatest accomplishment in riding so far is winning Champion in Novice Pleasure in the Stonehouse Winter Series. Rebecca’s goal this show season is to learn as much as possible from Chip and to hopefully take him to VHSA finals in Lexington, Virginia.





Kaylee has been riding at Stonehouse Stables for 2 ½ years.  This is her first year on the Show Team. Kaylee is leasing Pip, also known as Cactus Pete.  The two will be showing in short stirrup Hunter and Equitation this season. Kaylee’s goal this summer is to successfully compete in at least five shows as well as jump two feet in lessons.  It goes without saying; Kaylee’s favorite thing about riding is jumping!

During the past two winter series, Kaylee was reserve champion for pre-short and short-stirrup.  In addition, Kaylee received 4th place in the Yearling Classic.  Kaylee’s favorite memory of riding is in Kentucky when she was introduced to cross-country on a horse named Cinnamon.  She is very passionate about riding and hopes to do Eventing in the future.


Kerrigan has been riding for about two years.  She took a brief break to play lacrosse and is back for her first year with the Stonehouse show team.  She fondly remembers the first time she jumped on Waldo and is looking forward to new adventures with Misty (Mist Your Chance) this year.  The duo will complete in Junior Pleasure, Equitation of the Flat, and Kerrigan is hoping to jump in short stirrup towards the end of the show season.  She is excited to jump, is working on her two-point position, and loves taking care of horses.  In her spare time, Kerrigan likes acting and musicals.  She spends time away from the barn with her two pups, Molly and Toby.





Ellie – bio coming soon






Abigail has been riding all her life and has been a show team member since the very beginning.  She is 16 and currently enrolled in Warhill high school.  Abigail is showing her new horse Embassy in the Green Hunter division at CHSA.  Her goal is to teach him a lot and learn how to put together a baby horse. Last year, Abigail won Grand Champion on her horse, Jack. During  VHSA finals she also won Grand Champion and Best Child Rider on her pony,  Digby. When she is not riding she enjoys singing and being with her friends.




Veronica has been riding for 8 years and this past year has just joined the Stonehouse family. This will be her first year on the show team. Veronica will be showing her horse,  Centurion, or “Rio”. They will be competing in the JR/AM Schooling and hopefully moving up to the Children’s Hunters later in the season. Veronica loves to spend time at the barn with her horse and her friends. She is looking forward to showing at CHSA and a couple of A shows this year, as well as improving her riding of Rio.




LuAnn Homza is a professor of European history at William & Mary, and has ridden with Tara Mathews Best and Stonehouse Stables since 2000.  Tara has coached her to multiple wins in Ring 2 in CHSA, and has also helped LuAnn get through multiple setbacks, whether laughable (“plant your hands”) or awful (no comment).  She is eternally grateful for her support.  Land Shark is LuAnn’s ride; his barn name is Fin, Finley, Finnegan, or You Wicked Devil,  depending upon what he is up to.  He is a barely 15.2, Welsh/TB/QH cross who was supposed to remain a pony, and he is ridiculously brave.  He is obsessed with Honeycrisp apples, and easily could become addicted to Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.  In 2018, the pair is showing at 2’6” in Schooling Hunter and Junior/Amateur Schooling, with dreams of eventually doing the real step in those divisions and experimenting with 2’9”.



Vicky has been riding for 6 years and this will be her third year as a member on the Stonehouse Stables Show Team. This year she will be showing her lease horse Oh Henry, or Henry, in Junior Hunter Pleasure, Equitation on the Flat 15-17, and Children’s/Adult Amateur Hunter at 2 foot. Her goals this season are to improve in and out of the show ring as well as enjoy the ride. At the end of the season she hopes to take Henry to VHSA Finals in Lexington, Virginia.




Sadie is thrilled to begin her first year with the Show Team. She has been riding horses for 2 and 1/2 years, all of this at Stonehouse Stables.  She has competed in her home stable’s Winter Series for the past two years and is excited to begin showing at “away shows.” Sadie will be competing at the Pre-short stirrup level with Pocket full of Posies, AKA “Posie,” leased from Stonehouse Stables. She loves cantering with Posie, but she also just loves spending time with the horses.  Sadie hopes to show at the canter later this summer, with her goal of beginning short stirrup by the next winter series.  Sadie is in third grade, and her other hobbies include reading, arts, crafting, and Girl Scouts.



Savanna:  bio coming soon







Diane Marcotte is entering her first year on the Stonehouse Show Team.  A childhood rider, Diane has only recently returned to the saddle this year.  She and her daughter, Allie, will both be showing The Happy Camper (Ollie) this season.  Diane will be competing in Adult Pleasure and the pair is already off to a great start – she and Ollie were Champions in the Stonehouse Stables Winter Series amidst some strong competition.  Diane loves the camaraderie at the barn,cherishes showing with Allie,and wants to keep working to improve every time she enters the ring.




Kim will be showing her convivial horse Wyatt (Finally) in her second year on the Stonehouse Stables Show Team. They will be showing in Adult Hunter Pleasure, Children’s/Adult Amateur Hunter and Special Hunter. Kim is new to riding as an adult and began lessons at Stonehouse four years ago on a quest to learn how to jump. Wyatt is a great teacher and Kim’s goals this season are to make the shows as fun as her lessons and to move up in jumping courses. #jump








Rachel has loved horses her entire life. She has been riding at Stonehouse Stables almost 9 years. Her favorite part of horseback riding is competing at horse shows. This will be Rachel’s sixth year as a member of Stonehouse Stable’s Show Team. This year Rachel will once again be riding her horse, Chancellor’s Reign (Chance). She and Chance, have been riding together almost a year and are shaping up to be a great team. Her goal for this season is to go to CHSA’s equitation finals as well as VHSA’s finals. Rachel is currently showing at the 2’ level but is working hard at 2’6” and hopes to compete at that level soon. She is also hoping that she and Chance have the opportunity to attend their first A show this season. She is looking forward to another great year on the 2018 Show Team.




Kate has been riding for the last 8 years and has been a member of the Stonehouse Stables Show Team for the last four seasons.  Kate’s best memory is her first ride on her horse, Ash, when she knew they had purchased him.  Last year, Kate was reserve champion in the Children’s Adult Amateur Equitation division.  This year she’ll be showing her new horse, Star, who she can’t wait to get to know, in Equitation on the Flat and Thoroughbred Hunter.   Kate loves riding because she enjoys spending time with horses.





Trip is a 13 year old rising 8th grader who loves horses. This is his third season on the show team. His favorite school horse is Elvis, and he is showing him this summer in Short Stirrup. Trip’s goal is to move up to showing at 2′ by the end of the show season. Away from the stables he enjoys archery, video games and computer programming.








Haley has been riding for all of her life but this is her fifth year on the show team. She is a fifteen year old freshman at Bruton High School. This year Haley is riding her four year old mare, Imagine That aka Lil in Special Hunter and Pony Pleasure. Haley’s goal this year is to continue to work with Lil on her lead changes and also continue working on being a better hunter. Other activities Haley enjoys other than riding are hanging out with friends, being artistic and being out at the barn. 








Elaine – (Lainey) has been riding for about four years.  This is her first year at Stonehouse Stables and first season on the Show Team.  Lainey rides In Disguise (aka Cooper) whom she began leasing in February.  Lainey and Cooper show Children’s Hunter and Equation.  Their goal is to start jumping 2’6” by end of summer.








Chris has been riding for almost 10 years now and has been a show team member since 2010 when he joined Stonehouse Stables.  His past accomplishments include lettering in Equestrian Sports with the USEF and showing in the IEA circuit for the past 5 years.  This year he was also the co-captain of the Stonehouse IEA team.  He is the owner of Southern Style and has a full lease on Home Again who he will be competing with in 2018.  Christopher’s goals this year include moving into the “A” rated show divisions for the first time and riding in the VHSA finals in Lexington.  He will also be competing in the CHSA circuit locally.  Outside of the barn Chris enjoys playing the cello, spending time with his four Golden Retrievers and hanging out with friends.



Lilli-Marie – bio coming soon








Nada joined up with the barn on her 5th birthday, and now she is 11. Though she has done a couple Winter Series, this is her first year as a Stonehouse Stables Show Team member.  Her best riding memory is riding Shady in her very first show, but she’s had moments with Hearty, Lil, and Oliver who she will ride this season.  Showing in Short Stirrup and perhaps even Beginner Equitation, Nada is enjoying training with Miss Karen.  Her goal this season is to grow as a rider and jump 2’ in the show ring by next year.  Finding her own horse is pretty high on the list, too!








Susie Schell