September 28, 2021

Stonehouse Trailriders Experience York River State Park

A fun-filled, adventurous time was had by all, on May 19, when a group of nine Stonehouse riders went out for a trail ride lesson in nearby York River State Park. The weather was perfect with sunny skies and a breeze coming off of the  river.  The trail riders rode for 2 hours enjoying beautiful historical sites, lovely groomed and scenic trails and were even able to stop briefly to admire 100-year old trees and to enjoy the overlook on the river.  The wonderful horses, many of whom are used to showing off their fancy moves in the show ring, got into the spirit of the trail and enjoyed it almost as much as their riders!  To end a perfect day, the trailriders arrived back at a beautiful picnic spot for a bountiful tailgate staged by our friend and fellow Stonehouse rider, Stacey.  As it turns out, happy equestrians are also hungry equestrians!  It was a combination of good horses and great comradery that made for a perfect day – Stonehouse riders are lucky riders!  If you are interested in joining the fun another York River Trail day is scheduled for June 26th – contact Merri or the office for details!

Thanks to Merri for organizing the trail, Tara for driving a four-house trailer to the state park, and especially to our adventure crew (horses and riders):  Susan & Lyric, Emily & Spot, Melissa & Waldo, Janie & Indy, Allison & Milo, Hallie & Luck , Catherine & Chip , Katherine & Posie.